Masters Of The Universe Classics Battle Armor Skeletor Figure


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Old Bones is back and seriously upping the badness factor with his all-new magic Battle Armor®. Eternia’s chief villain is ready to show the Masters who’s the boss with a fan-requested purple battle axe and three interchangeable chest plates to show 1, 2, or no indications of battle damage … just like you remember! Please note: sword not included.

Skeletor® Bio

Real Name: Keldor® of the House of Miro

Using dark magic taught by Hordak®, Skeletor® occasionally creates new forms of armor and weapons to outmaneuver the Masters of the Universe®. His Battle Armor® was first created to help Skeletor® penetrate through the Mystic Wall in order to kidnap Adora and secretly clone the Sorceress® of Grayskull™. The original armor was destroyed by Oo-larr™ after three strikes with his mighty battle axe, sending Skeletor® back behind the Wall. Skeletor® re-formed the armor 20 years later in an effort to combat a similar battle suit now worn by He-Man®. Although lacking the mystic qualities of the original, his new armor was stronger and more powerful. Skeletor®, Evil Lord of Destruction™ is now protected by his magic Battle Armor®!

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