What does Pre-Order mean?
If an item is marked Pre-Order, this means that the item is not in stock in our warehouse. We are waiting for it to arrive from the manufacturer.

When will a Pre-Order arrive?
The month listed as the estimated arrival month is the most current information we have. Please Note: If we are in the month of July, and the item is marked Pre-Order arrives July, this means that the item has still not arrived (but should be very soon). The minute it comes in, we mark the item as In Stock.

Will I be charged for Pre-Orders during checkout?
Yes, we require payment when you place the initial pre-order.  You can checkout by PayPal or Credit Card.

***Please Note: All orders are filled on a first come first served basis. 

How will I know when my pre-order is in stock?

You will receive an email which will notify you that your item has arrived in our warehouse and is ready to ship.

Can I order In Stock and Pre-Order Merchandise in the same order?
Yes, you can order in stock and pre-order merchandise in the same order.

What happens when I order multiple Pre-Order items and they arrive at different times?
If you Pre-Order multiple items, we will ship each item as it comes in. This is to get you your merchandise as quickly as possible. In rare instances, pre-ordered items come in within days of each other. We promise to do our best to prevent multiple shipments.

What if I want to cancel my pre-order?
We do not accept cancellations of pre-ordered items.

***Please Note: All release dates are subject to change by the manufacturer. We do not make the toys we sell. The shipping dates listed on our site are based on the latest information that we receive directly from the manufacturers. .

If you have any additional questions regarding our 'Pre-Order' policies, please contact our customer support at cs@notjusttoyz.com.