Star Wars Stormtrooper Face Embossed Lunch Box


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Star Wars Darth Maul Face Embossed Lunch Box

The Star Wars Stormtrooper Face Lunch Box displays the iconic design of a Stormtrooper's helmet from the Star Wars series on either side, featuring the image in a slightly raised relief on one of the two large panels! This loyal Stormtrooper looks out at you with the same respect he shows Lord Vader, or even the Emperor, for that matter! And who doesn't deserve that kind of deference? Feel free to take out all your work or school day woes on this Stormtrooper as you wait for the lunch bell to ring! He can take it. Just don't direct him to take out any of those pesky Rebels for you. They're terrible at that.  In addition to the Trooper's face on the main panels, the sides of this 7.5 inch by 6 inch by 2.75 inch metal Star Wars Stormtrooper Face Lunch Box feature TIE Fighters flying through the air and a nifty "TROOPERS" logo!

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