Masters Of The Universe Classics Unnamed One Figure with Horde Empire Map

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The Unnamed One: Evil Lord of Chaos Bio

Real Name: Gorpo

Formerly an Overlord of the Timeless Dimension, this great wizard betrayed his bretheren when he attempted to steal the Power of the Universe for himself. The Aura of the Gods was infused into the Sword of He for protection and Gorpo was stripped of his form and banished to the Nameless Dimension. Here he became known as the Unnamed One, spoken of only in whispers and myth. During his exile, he discovered a method of combining DNA of several reptilian species. He used this knowledge to create an army of cold-blooded warriors which he commanded to raid magical planets in an attempt to consolidate power for his revenge.  His evil schemes were at last undone after Dare, the new He-Ro, confronted him in single combat slaying the ancient mage with the very power he once attempted to steal.

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