Masters Of The Universe Classics Sweet Bee Figure

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Sweet Bee™ Bio

Real Name: Beatrice Castle

Enhanced by the magic of Castaspella, Beatrice gained the ability to fly through the air like a bee. As a honey of a friend of She-Ra, Sweet bee, became a trusted guide to the good folk of Etheria.  She joined the Great Rebellion using her sky borne vantage point to spy on the evil Horde. After Horde found a magical passage to Etheria, Sweet Bee followed him there along with other members of the Great Rebellion, allying themselves with the renegade Masters of the Universe. Beatrice later fought in the Second Ultimate Battle Ground and led a brigade of special forces made up of both Avion and Andreenid aerial agents. Her squad fought an assault against Viper Tower helping to defend it from a fleet of attacking Rotons.  As beautiful as she is fast, Sweet Bee flies ahead to report on enemy movements for her allies.

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