Masters Of The Universe Classics Sir Laser-Lot Figure


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They say the secret to successful swordplay is in the twist of the wrist, and Sir Laser-Lot™ wields his weapons with stunning skill. He swiftly slices and dices enemies of Eternia® with his energy blade, proving himself a true and loyal servant to the King. Created by comic legend Geoff Johns for the 30th Anniversary series, the Sir Laser-Lot™ figure arrives armed with his Laser Sword, Laser Mace and Shield.

Sir Laser-Lot™ Bio

Real Name: Unrevealed

Across the continent of Preternia™, the mightiest of King Grayskull’s Knights was Sir Laser-Lot™, a master of weapons and hand-to-hand fighting techniques. He wore an enchanted suit of armor powered by the great Gem of Tamadge which enhanced his strength and let him unleash powerful energy blasts. So legendary were his deeds that the future king He-Man® sent one of his loyal Time Agents into the past to bring Sir Laser-Lot™ forward to his time. Here, Sir Laser-Lot™ became the King’s new Man-At-Arms®, training both the Royal Guards and the King’s young son Dare in ancient battle techniques. Sir Laser-Lot™ uses his energy blade to fight for chivalry and justice in any time.

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