Masters Of The Universe Classics Panthor Figure


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Watch your back, Battle Cat®, there’s a new kitty in town! This one, however, stands squarely on the side of evil, ready to carry master Skeletor® into combat at a moment’s notice. Beautifully detailed and fully articulated, this fierce feline is fortified with an all-new Classics-style battle helmet, ensuring the good guys aren’t the only ones with well-protected rides.

Panthor® Bio

Real Name: Panthor®

During his exile from Eternos Palace™, Keldor™ saved a young dylinx cub from a hunter’s pit in the Corridors of Lithos. The cub remained fiercely loyal to Keldor™, who named him “Panthor®” after a tribal story his Gar mother told him as a child. The purple skinned feline remained with Keldor™ even after he was transformed into the Evil Lord of Destruction™ by Hordak’s magic. Finding a new home in Snake Mountain™, Panthor® is forever at his master’s side carrying him into battle or curled up at the foot of Skeletor’s throne, loyally growling at any who disagree with the Overlord of Evil™.

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