Masters Of The Universe Classics Orko Figure

  • Masters Of The Universe Classics Orko Figure
  • Masters Of The Universe Classics Orko Figure

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Thought by some to be little more than comic relief, powerful Orko® hides a secret few know. Arriving with his magic wand, magic book, and stand, Orko® also includes a fully-articulated Prince Adam® figure with both angry and smirk heads, a light purple Power Sword®, and a Half Power Sword® in light purple.

Orko® Bio

Real Name: Orko®

After the rise of the Horde Empire, evil again outweighed the forces of good in the five dimensions. So in every generation a Cosmic Warrior was recruited by the Overlords of Trolla™ to fight against evil. Each was given the Sword of He, a weapon infused with the Power of the Universe. They were also assigned a Trollan guide to watch over and advise them in their quests. On the planet of Eternia®, after five centuries of being split in two, the Trollan Power Sword® was at long last joined and bequeathed to an heir worthy of its power — Prince Adam® of the royal household. Orko®, a member of the Trollan magical elite, was assigned to watch over Adam. Although he was a powerful mage on Trolla™, the hidden mystic properties of Eternia® turned his magiks into little more than entertaining tricks, which he uses to entertain his friends and remain undercover.

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