Masters Of The Universe Classics Karatti Figure


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He’s kicking it Denebria™ style… full force and minus any hint of mercy! This brutal bully doesn’t hesitate to strike out at any enemy of Skeletor®, and what he lacks in brainpower he more than makes up in brawn. Fully articulated, this figure arrives with power knife and side arm blaster, and features removable armor.

Karatti™ Bio

Real Names: Stickel-Vat

Karatti™ has a head as hard as the rocks of the desert region of Denebria™ where he lives. Unfortunately for the other evil mutants, he also possesses as much brain as one of the rocks. Although armed with a laser axe, it is the terrible bone-crushing karate blows that make him so fearsome. Fortunately for the Galactic Protectors, he is as cowardly as most of the other inhabitants of Denebria™ and will only attack those whom he knows to be weaker than himself. He gladly allied himself with Skeletor® who offered promises of power and wealth to all who aided him in mutiny against the Horde. Karatti™ uses his combat moves to fight the Galactic Protectors.

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