Captain America The First Avenger Extra Large Tin Tote

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Measuring 10" long, 4" wide and 7" high, this tin, square lunchbox features images of the cinematic iteration of Captain America, played by actor, Chris Evans! It's Captain America comin' right for us, front and center! Its Captain America comin' right for us on either side of the lunchbox! It's Captain America along with the moniker tagging his fist movie, "The First Avenger," adorning the "back" of the lunchbox! Open it up with the metal flip-latch and...and watch all the freedom pour out! Anyway, this sturdy, tin lunchbox based on the movie version of Captain America is...well, like I mentioned, it's sturdy, and...collectible and...And it's useful in transporting an afternoon meal, maybe. Possibly a Liberty sandwich.

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