How To Choose The Right Lunch Box For Kids

How To Choose The Right Lunch Box For Kids

Choosing a lunch box can be confusing with so many types and designs to choose from. Parents have to consider qualities like size, sections, if it’s eco-friendly, insulated, attractive, easily washable, made of good quality and other factors.

It is hardly ever just a simple trip into the shop and out (both online and offline). There is usually a lot of hmmms and aaahs as the parent weighs the different choices and variety available.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when picking the right lunchbox for your child.

1.Knowing your kid definitely makes this process easier. Knowing who his/her favorite superheroes and cartoon characters are can save you from buying a lunchbox your kid would detest. Buying a design that he/she loves is guaranteed to make them happier than buying just anything on sale at the time.

2.Pre-define the number of sections you want the lunchbox to contain. This usually depends on the type of lunches you pack and how you pack them.

3.Make sure the lunch box is easy to clean and doesn’t have hidden corners where dirt can hide and accumulate over time. You can also check if it is dishwasher safe or machine washable.

4.The quality and type of materials of the lunch box is really important. Buying a lunchbox that is durable should be of utmost importance, because this is a box that your kid will carry every weekday to school. A low quality box would send you back into the shop pretty quickly.

5.Make sure that the box is safe, with no sharp edges or corners that could cut or harm your child. Be show to check all over with your hands to be sure.

6.Remember that from morning till midday, lunch in the box is likely to be unrefrigerated. Some meals are only safe in certain boxes for a maximum number of hours. So be careful about insulation and check to see that it keeps unwrapped food items fresh.

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I do hope some of these tips have been helpful! Ever bought a lunchbox that just wasn’t right for your kid? Do share your experiences with us. 

28th Jun 2015 Not Just Toyz

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