BeGoths 7-inch Series 4 Lunabella Whispers Doll

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Bleeding Edge Series 4 7-inch Lunabella Whispers Figurine.

Full Name: Lunabella Whispers

Pets: Gerbil named Richard

Favorite Colors: Black red, and midnight black

Likes: Blue moons, Day Of The Dead, Psychobillly, Rock-A-Billy music, vinyl, the smell of cemeteries (especially after it rains), "Groovy Ghoulies", chasing prey (Transylvanian locals), Nick 13, hanging out at the Red Cross and flying through the Santa Carla twilight

Dislikes: Cheesy Elvis impersonators, bell-bottom pants, thick necks, vegan restaraunts, wooden stakes, bed head, garlic, and hairy arms

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