Star Wars The Black Series 2 Slave Leia 6 inch Figure

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Leia’s captivity is the result of her failed attempt, disguised as the bounty hunter Boushh, to lowball Jabba and liberate the carbonite-frozen Han Solo. Initially, her ploy seems to work, but later that night when Leia revisits Jabba’s court by night and attempts to free Solo, she is ambushed by Jabba and his retinue. Having only recently dismissed his former concubine, Oola, Jabba eagerly commandeers Leia, peeling her out of her grotesque Boushh trappings and replacing her attire with a golden bikini. She remains in captivity, collar-shackled to Jabba’s throne dais, until the daring Sarlacc escape which preoccupies the Hutt long enough for Leia to choke Jabba with his own chain.

Each Star Wars 6” Black Series 02 figure features multiple points of articulation and character-specific accessories.

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