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Star Wars C3PO Face Embossed Lunch Box


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Star Wars Darth Maul Face Embossed Lunch Box

So I just saw this movie for the first time..Trek Wars? No...wait...it was Star Empire Strikes Back. I'm getting disapproving scowls from my co-workers. They inform me that it is Star Wars and I probably won't make it through the day. Should I have seen this movie before? They tell me this fine 7.5 inch tall by 6 inch wide by 2.75 inches thick Star Wars C3PO Face Tin Lunch Box is inspired by it. I know that this robot forms some kind of neurotic partnership with a non speaking but smooth operating astromech droid and they get into all sorts of adventures! Joking aside, this great Star Wars C3PO Face Tin Lunch Box shows off the likeness of C-3PO'S face on the front and back, while there is a body shot of the golden god on the sides! He'll even tell you the odds(not really).

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