Star Trek: The Original Series Amok Time Kirk vs. Spock Bobble Heads


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Star Trek: The Original Series Amok Time Kirk vs. Spock Bobble Heads - Convention Exclusive

Entertainment Earth Convention Exclusive! Captain James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock square off in a duel to the death in this spectacular bobbling diorama taken from the "Amok Time" episode of Star Trek: The Original Series. On a Star Trek-themed base measuring 7-inches tall x 4 3/4-inches wide, with lirpa weapons in hand, Kirk and Spock battle and bobble at the head while you look on in astonishment. 

The extraordinary resin piece from Bif Bang Pow! also includes sound! With the push of a button the music from the fight scene will play. Limited to only 2,502 pieces, each Entertainment Earth Convention Exclusive is individually numbered with a holographic sticker. Sound device includes 2x LR44 (AG13) 1.5v batteries that are replaceable. Ages 14 and up.

One of the largest cult phenomena of our time, Star Trek is a science-fiction entertainment franchise based on a fictional universe created by Gene Roddenberry. It includes a multitude of television series, movies, video and computer games, novels, and more depicting an optimistic future in which mankind has risen above past frailties and vices to unite with other intelligent species in the galaxy to explore the cosmos, discover new worlds, and encounter new civilizations - "To boldly go where no one has gone before!"

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