Masters Of The Universe Classics Plundor Figure

  • Masters Of The Universe Classics Plundor Figure
  • Masters Of The Universe Classics Plundor Figure

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The rabbit is out of the hat… and this furry fiend is bad news. Forget the carrots, he’s more interested in carats, cash, or any other valuables he can get his hands on. Straight from the classic Filmation episode “Quest for He-Man®,” this bad bunny comes with a cosmic blaster and a Filmation axe for Skeletor® that’s based on the episode “Diamond Ray of Disappearance.”

Plundor™ Bio
Real Name: Plundor the Spoiler

Corrupted by power and obsessed with money, Plundor™ is a genius inventor who travels the universe, seeking out new ways to increase his riches. When he came upon the utopian planet Draedus, Plundor™ used his evil machines to ravage the planet and distill its precious life force into a small vial to be sold to the highest bidder. He-Man® happened upon Draedus after Skeletor® erased his memory and sent him through the Crossroads of All Universes. He-Man® met the planet’s displaced creatures and helped them return the life force back to Draedus and imprison the evil conqueror. Plundor™ invents flying robots and machines to become the richest being in the universe.

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