Masters Of The Universe Classics Fighting Foe Men 3-Pack Figures


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They say bad things come in threes, and this trio takes the art of terrorizing to a whole new level. Based on the fan-favorite model kit drivers from the vintage era, these three Fighting Foe Men™ figures were sculpted by The Four Horsemen and are all named after members of their actual team! Each fully articulated figure arrives with two snap-on chest logos to change their alliance from the Fighting Foe Men™ to The Evil Horde®. FUN FACT: The Fighting Foe Men™ was the original name for the MOTU toy line!

The Fighting Foe Men™ Bio

Real Names: Shield Maiden Sherrilyn™, Ditztroyer™, Dawg-O-Tor™

After the Great Wars ended and Eternia® was left without a king, a group of renegade pirates known as the Fighting Foe Men™ took over the Valley of Gnarl and all of the surrounding territories. Spreading fear throughout the land, they built great war machines like the Roton and Talon Fighter to terrorize the populace. Challenged and eventually defeated by a champion from the north, the Fighting Foe Men™ were cast into a glacier and magically frozen for over five thousand years. Eventually, they were discovered by Hordak® who returned to Eternia® and set them free in return for serving in his army during the Second Ultimate Battleground.

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