Masters Of The Universe Classics Cy-Chop Figure


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He’ll gladly lend a scissor-hand to anyone… anyone who pays his price, that is. This former thief and current one-man cyborg chop shop is the fifth of six original figures celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Masters of the Universe®. Designed by Mattel’s Terry Higuchi, bounty hunter Cy-Chop™ comes with removable blade hands that can be replaced with weapons from other figures (such as the Roboto® arm attachments or the Spikor™ tridents). Add him to your collection next to his former buddy Kronis™ at your own peril!

Cy-Chop™ Bio

Real Name: Scychor

Originally a partner with Kronis™, Scychor roamed the galaxy as a mercenary and professional thief. Eventually Kronis™ betrayed his friend, throwing Scychor from a Boa Jet while escaping from Horde Patrol Units. Falling hundreds of feet to the surface of a small moon, Scychor was healed by rogue scientists by preserving his organs in a robotic chest and his brain in a cyborg skull. After serving the scientists for twenty years, he became a freelance bounty hunter, willing to steal, kill or betray anyone for the right price. During the Second Ultimate Battleground, Cy-Chop™ was hired by Hordak® to bolster his forces against the Snake Men™ and Masters of the Universe®. Using his robotic scissor blades, Cy-Chop™ strikes out, but only for the right price!

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