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Coloring DC Supergirl: An Adult Coloring Book

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Coloring DC Supergirl: An Adult Coloring Book

Supergirl, the star of her own hit TV series, is here and she's ready to defend her adopted home in this new adult coloring book! Color your way through the darling adventures of Kara Zor-El in Supergirl: An Adult Coloring Book, featuring the jaw-dropping artwork of Amanda Conner, Gary Frank, Gil Kane, Jamal Igle, Bob Oksner, Kerry Gammill, Leonard Kirk, Joshua Middleton, Amy Reeder and many more!

Now YOU can color the Girl Of Steel in all her many incarnations - the simplicity of the 50's the scarf of the 70's the headband of the 80's, in classic red, yellow and blue - or any other color that strikes your fancy. 



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