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Young boys and grown-ups have one common weakness that eliminates the term “generation gap” altogether-action figures & collectibles. Superhero movies and TV shows have been breaking all box-office records over the last decade. The choreographed combats, iconic costumes, and vibrant special effects of these movies are the prime reasons behind the global obsession of superhero movies. No matter how old these movies get, people cannot get enough of their favorite action figures. You can create dramatic scenes in your home or gift them to your kids on special occasions.

According to the survey conducted by NPD Group, the collectibles sector witnessed a whopping increase of 33 percent sales. Action figures & collectibles are not only a reminder of sweet childhood memories, but they are an excellent investment as well. It is a fun and rewarding hobby that can bring a sweet smile on any individual’s face. Action figure collecting is no less than an art. It requires genuine interest and dedication to create a note-worthy collection of your favorite figures. Here are a few things that every action figure collector must know:-

Determining the condition of action figures & collectibles

Only dedicated action figure enthusiasts know the true value of mint box packaging. While browsing through online action figure stores and auctions, you might come across the terms Mint in Package (MIP) and Mint on Card (MOC). These terms are used for the figures that have not lost their factory-sealed packaging and still possess their true value. You can even purchase loose figures for displaying them in creative poses in your home. Although it causes a dip in the resale value of the figure, it offers a plethora of options for the collector.

Awareness of the ongoing rate

If you are interested in collecting vintage action figures only, it is important to find out the actual market rate of the product before placing an order. It is essential to conduct a thorough research for exploring the available options. There are tons of suppliers who take pleasure in exploiting fledgling collectors and overcharge them. A thorough market research can save you from overpaying.

Genuine suppliers

For making a note-worthy collection of action figures, you will need several resources. Not Just Toyz offers an extensive collection of action figures & collectibles to the customers. From power rangers to Batman collection, there have everything an enthusiast collector needs.

If you want to purchase high quality action figures, Not Just Toyz is the right way to go.

9th Jan 2019 Not Just Toyz LLC

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