Zombies Series 3 Creepy Cuddlers Plush Set

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Even the undead need a best friend, so make room in your zombie collection for this Zombies Series 3 Creepy Cuddlers Plush Set! Loveably freaky and ghoulishly cute, these fluffy flesh eating plushes make great bed buddies. Characters include Frostbite, an undead penguin who has a craving for more than just fish, Deadington Ruxworth, a stuffed bear who just can't wait for you to fall asleep, and Bitey, a cute baby werewolf who just may have gone rabid. They'll look great next to Series 1 Creepy Cuddlers like Deathmittens, Zach, and Ophelia, or the Series 2 Creepy Cuddlers like Lucky, Fluffenrot, and Jangles, so collect them all! Each plush measures about 6-inches tall. Ages 15 and up. This Series 3 set includes 3 individually packaged Zombies Creepy Cuddler plushes:

  • Frostbite
  • Deadington Ruxworth
  • Bitey
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