Teddy Scares Eli Wretch 12-Inch Plush

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Eli Wretch was bought as a souvenir at a highway rest stop for a trucker's son. He was a reminder of a father who was never around. When the trucker deserted his family, Eli was thrown to the curb as a painful reminder of a father who won't be back. Eli has become the ultimate loner and has yet to become “one of the gang” because of this. His self-sufficiency is what allows him to live outside of the Teddy Scare community. With the right spare parts, this grease monkey could build anything.

Eli is 12” tall, irresistibly plush and grossly attired in real fabric clothing, a trucker tattoo and eerie accessories. His weapon of choice is a tire iron for cracking skulls.

Fresh from the morgue, Teddy Scares arrive complete with a toe tag and are entombed in a window-display box.

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