Masters Of The Universe Mer-Man Resin Mini-Bust

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The Mer-Man mini-bust was designed and sculpted by The Four Horsemen. This Almost 10" Tall & 4" Wide, numbered mini-bust (limited to only 2500 pieces) is cold cast and hand painted. Once a power-hungry king of the sea, his greed and stubbornness led to the downfall of his kingdom. Now a dweller of the deep and evil minion to Skeletor, he serves as the underwater enforcer for the man once known as Keldor. Mer-man rules the waters of Eternia with his strength and telepathic power over the creatures of the sea.


  • The first in a brand new series of resin mini-busts and statues
  • Designed and Sculpted by The Four Horsemen
  • Strictly Limited to 2500 pieces
  • Cold Cast and Hand Painted
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