Masters Of The Universe Classics Snake Man-At-Arms Figure


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Former weapons master Duncan™ has shed his noble ways and slithered over to the dark side thanks to an evil spell. Changed forever into the reprehensibly reptilian Snake Man-At-Arms®, this figure arrives with a replica of the Serpent’s Ring responsible for his transformation, as well as the mace he now yields in service of the evil King Hssss™. Also included is issue #2 of the all-new 30th Anniversary mini-comic (#2 in a series of 3).

Snake Man-At-Arms® Bio

Real Name: Duncan™ of the Viper Clan

Duncan™ heroically served King Randor® throughout their battles with Skeletor® and the Snake Men™ as Eternia’s chief war strategist and weapons maker. Exposed to the Serpent’s Ring, Duncan™ was magically transformed by King Hssss™ into a snake man permanently. Under this evil spell, he used his genius to create great and horrific machines of war for the Snake Men™ as they battled for control of Eternia®. Eventually, Duncan™ was forced to battle against Clamp Champ™, who had since replaced him as Royal Man-At-Arms®. In their epic final duel during the Second Ultimate Battleground, Duncan™ was mortally wounded, but not before momentarily recovering his humanity thanks to a spell cast by his daughter Teela®, the new Sorceress® of Grayskull™.

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