Super7 Thundercats Replacement Booster Packs

Super7 Thundercats Replacement Booster Packs

Good news! We received our shipment of Super7 Thundercats Replacement Booster Packs.

If you previously purchased a Super7 Thundercats Panthro and/or Jackalman Ultimate Action Figure you have the option to request replacement parts.  These replacements are free, all that you need to pay is the shipping cost at a flat rate of $7.95.

The pack includes the following parts:

  • Panthro Shorts
  • Jackalman Guns
  • Jackalman Neck & Shoulder
  • Armor Bonus: Panthro Head with Glow-in-the-Dark Eyes

If you are interested in a receiving replacement parts, please choose from the following options below:

  1.  Send us a request via email to with your order number and we will follow up with an invoice to collect the $7.95 shipping cost.

  2. Place a new order and we will include the pack in that shipment free of charge (please include your previous order number in the notes during checkout)

  3. Lastly, if you currently have any open Pre-Order with us we will automatically include this pack in that shipment free of charge

Please Note: Super7 packaged both figure replacements packs in one single package, based on this your replacements will ship as the following:

  1. If you ordered both Panthro & Jackalman, you will receive the entire Super7 Booster Pack in it's original Super7 packaging

  2. If you ONLY ordered either a Panthro or a Jackalman, you will receive their specific parts without the Super7 packaging

For more details directly from Super7 about this pack and how to replace parts please checkout ThunderCats ULTIMATES! Wave 1 Replacement Parts Booster Pack

26th Mar 2021

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